On earth.

The Sundays are by far one of my most favorite bands.  The first cassette tape I bought was the soundtrack to Stand By Me.  I got it at a dark and musty shop in DIT1 (or DIT2?) in Dakha, Bangladesh.  The first cassette tape I bought in the US was The Sundays’ album Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  I bought it at Quimper Sound in Port Townsend, when the store use to be on the main street.  I remember it vividly.  Oh how many times I have listened to that tape.

I have been wanting to cover a song of theirs for a while.  I confess, a road block has been my concern that I cannot do Harriet Wheeler’s voice justice.  I cannot.  I decided that since I am singing in an American accent, our voices are not comparable.  Which brings me to another point.  Is it possible to sing along with their records and *not* sing in a British accent?

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