A smile. on the face.

A smile. on the face. of a man. in a suit. carrying a bouquet.

(For C and S, and anyone having a not-so-good day.)

I saw him
crossing Red Square
holding postage-brown paper
wrapped around yellow flowers.
leather valise in his right hand
yellow flowers in his left.
he exited Kane Hall
heading west toward the Ave.
his gait slightly hurried
his upper body ahead of his legs and his feet
his limbs moved with purpose.
like a baby with near-sightedness
he looked up,
(a soft smile)
thinking of what lie ahead.
and down,
a pleased-with-himself look
imagining when he gets to where he’s going
and sees who he waits to see.
the moments of giving and loving
and of giving love;
smiling at the deliciousness of
those future moments
those opportunities
those choices
those eventual nostalgic memories.

Written Wednesday, 8.31.11.

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