Lost and found and edited.

There’s a certain quiet.
Not crickets.
Or the rain.
Or traffic on an otherwise empty street.

Pulling over for a casket entourage.

“Play me a song,” he used to say and he’d close his eyes to listen.

His body lightly laid on a small mound of pillows and freshly washed sheets; whiskers purring at his limbs.

They were never very good.

The songs.


When friends edge themselves between parentheses and steadily saunter toward ellipses.

I discovered these little bits of writing in a draft post on a 2009 blog I never launched.

(How many of those do you think there are out there — blogs that die before they’re born — ? I imagine a digital blog cemetery floating about in the digital ether somewhere.)

I edited the text a bit and divided it into four little bits o’ writing. I don’t recall if I wrote it all in one sitting or over time but it made sense to make those edits.

Do you have unfinished or half-baked draft posts or pages?

What little surprises have you found?

Like home.

Welcome to kimemeera.com 2.0! 

I am ever-so-slowly re-animating this blog that I started over ten years ago. While I’ve been in school the past four years, the site has been mostly dormant but I’m done with school and I’m back!

I updated the ‘About‘ page so head over there if you’re curious about my plans for this site. I am so pleased to be back and blogging again. It feels good here. Like home.

Thank you for being here. <3

We corner ourselves into thinking that what we create must be “good enough” or “finished.” To me, it’s more about the process of creating and what it does for us than it is about feeling the need to impress or meet others’ (imaginary) expectations of us.

It’s about being OK with whatever it is you decide to share and about making a commitment to be kind to yourself as you create. Otherwise, what’s the point?

– An excerpt from my updated “About” page.