Bubble wrap.

  Days when you’ll wear your heart like a brass knuckle; days when you’ll wrap wrap wrap each ventricle as a boxer prepares fists for a glove ; readied for the impending blow (s) No matter the thickness of cardio-calluses, truths pierce bubble wrap, deflating it to cellophane.   Written Monday, July 30th, 2012 @ […]


  just a few (days)  (ago) I waited for you – here.  Behind the bar. And when you arrived. hands on knees, knees on hands. behind the bar, the bar. No one knew about our steadied meeting eyes. Those moments. shared moments. So few, so few.   Written Thursday, September 13th, 2012 @ Smith with […]

Pink goo.

  Until the next eyes that make my body die and melt into a marshmallow fluff of pink goo. Until my next sigh when your nose and chin are close enough to smell moments before possibility, the first press of new lips. – skin on skin on skin on skin – What exhales outside our […]