Coaster poem for Natasha Livesly, who provided the inspirational (and homegrown!) word: Homeopropriostasis. place the stone. you place the stone. it balances. the way the tufts do to the core before you blow. they dance as newborns before they walk. they dance to words they don’t yet know. to be words or other things. a garbage […]


my clothes were 5 lbs. from soggy sidewalk to garbage bag. I pretended it was normal stuff. I always fold laundry on the sidewalk. in the rain. And I cry. It makes me happy. Brings me joy. to do this. with an audience. spontaneous performance of raw moments. Only people like me are able to […]

Say the things.

stagnant, sediment periodic sedentary slip I get what you’re saying when you use the right words and say the things that make sense if you use past tense I don’t listen I don’t understand It’s not about upper-hand or who’s wrong we could talk and talk and say things, and use big words. But will […]