I think, rain.

I wrote this around the time that I started playing piano again. It’s the first and only instrumental song I’ve written and recorded to date. I use to feel that I had to have lyrics when writing songs. I clung to words as the skeletal element; the scaffolding. At some point music-making morphed into a […]

Compost you and me.

It’s been decided. I’m un-invited to the possibility. You won’t give chase to the chance that this could be something worth talking about. Worth fighting about. Because it has to be perfect, and smooth, and expected. That’s where the opportunity over-ripens and is smooshed beyond usability. Compost is the option. Compost you and me. Written […]


Given that I’ve been on somewhat of a ‘covers’ streak, I’ve been toying with the idea of covering a song from each of my top 10 island discs.  One of those is Massive Attack’s Bluelines record.  I hadn’t listened to that album in a while so browsed the tracks the other night.  Any of the […]

But this does not mean surrender.

Another week or so of seemingly helpless hibernation comes to a close.                                                                                                                                    Another stretch of seclusion behind closed blinds and locked doors.  Another cognitive battle between the voices.  One attempts to fool the other.  Sometimes they are neck-and-neck and I can muster a grip to pull ahead just enough to put the keys […]