Her blueberry toes.

Raspberry pie. That was her favorite.
She liked to sit on the edge of the porch. painting her toenails.
with blueberries.
She kept a peeler in her front pocket.
“you never know when you’ll need to peel,” she said.
“See this beet?”
*peel, peel. peel*
Her fingers. wrapped around the side with skin still intact.
She smeared it on her cheeks.
Her cheeks. the color of beets.
Her toes. her blueberry toes.

Written – just now – Tuesday, May 28th, 2013.

2 Replies to “Her blueberry toes.”

  1. Doug aka Dad says: Reply

    I especially like this poem.. the colors, I can see them! Love, Dad

    1. Awesome. Thanks, Dad! Can you taste it too? 🙂 xo

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