Impromptu pain.

Two new poems sans titles and a January photo.


Lemons squeezing the past week or so.

I felt the small of my back this morning
inside my spine, I felt the beginning,
the tappings of a bruise.
“Ah, I remember this.”  This body talk
asking that I pay attention
take better care,
your emotions, your cognition, and your ‘heart’
aren’t the only parts affected by this.
Eventually corporeal consequences

nudge, nudge you to attention.

Written Tuesday, April 10th, 2012.


Last Tuesday to today
each hour of each day laced with a thousand and one emotions,
give or take two or a few.
I can’t name them all.
Some can’t be described
They burn between bones
– canines to cartilage –
and nestle in places we can’t see,
waiting to be scratched, punctured by the inevitable
Life burrs sticking to thin white socks
at the ankles:
death, disappointment, heartache, loss,…lies you believe.
Shall I go on?
Betrayal; accidental, unintentional, impromptu pain.

Written Friday, April 14th, 2012.


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