Deep; steady breaths.


It’s funny.
I see it now.
I have a choice
And I can decide.

Either you dance in the rain
Or hide from the sun.

It’s not about you or them.
It’s about me and mine.
No more right or wrong.
It’s faith and movement.

I know what it’s like
When you feel like your jaw’s about to break.
When your teeth are so tight you can’t breathe.

I know what it’s like
When the night seems too dark
And every shadow feels like it’s scraping down your skin.


I know what it’s like
When fruit feels like sex
Juice on the chin and beads at the tips of your fingers.

I know what it’s like
To wake to a moment
And realize.

I know what I want.
I know how to get there.
Deep; steady breaths – I’m sprinting.


Written Thursday, 9.18.03.

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