Carrots & peas.


Make it irrelevant.
Validation is a separate thing –
Carrots & peas.
Boulders in the hourglass.
The process
The time it takes
Not smooth & constant like sand falls through a pinhole.
The effort expended through crestfallen occasions
A constant & consistent kicking up; keep kicking.
The diligence through ‘hopeless’ situations
You can hold hands with it.
They  may be cold, its hands, and calloused at times
They may wear pepper spiked gloves.
So you learn, you practice
You loosen your grip
Not try to hide or run
It has x-ray vision
And moves faster than an angry wind
It’s manageable,
There is a chance.
It’s possible.
Unfurl your fingers, extend your arms
Invite it to stay.
And dance.


Written Tuesday, 03.13.12.



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