Rip things with your teeth, too.

I’ve never read “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”. But I’m pretty certain there is an entire chapter about how to support a woman when she’s upset. (And I realize I am stereotyping here.) When a woman is upset. And is talking to a man. Unless she explicitly asks for advice from you – she is venting. She doesn’t want solutions. Or explanations. She doesn’t want silver linings. Or bright sides. Or to be told about the other door. that’s now open.

She is allowing herself to feel:

shitty/angry/pissed off/upset/enraged/frustrated/etc.

And she wants you on her side.

She wants empathetic ears to listen. She wants you to rip things with your teeth, too. She needs a proverbial pillow to punch. She wants you to hold the pillow tightly. And let her fists fly.

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