When: a gallery

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  1. Hello Odawni,

    This sandbox is great! What a privilege to be able to write, share, observe and be listened to. This is wonderful.
    I received your email through the Yahoo Solang tribe and I got quickly interested with your site and how you are doing. May you be fabulously doing well and continue to do so.
    Me and my wife have been through the pictures and we like them. I think you are an awesome photographer. They are like wonderful paintings. Thank you for sharing them. If I may, here is a few of what I see in the following pictures:

    1. Gonna be okay = I see hope. Hope in a day -no matter what the situation or feeling, that I hope to see the bigger picture, just like the sun behind the trees. Bright and hopeful.

    2. What would you sacrifice for friendship = Life. Someone once gave the best example by
    giving up His life, on order that I might have life -a life that would be able to relate with Him.

    3. Compassion is fashionable = I really like the title of this picture. It reminds me that Love (“agape”) must be shown and acted upon, not only spoken.

    4. A little bit of fear is good = I Agree. And usually, if not always, faith is just beside fear. I must choose faith to swallow my fear. Otherwise I will never make the bunjee jump, for instance.

    5. “Knowing when it’s love” picture = For me, this is the best picture I have seen in your blog so far. If I had a gold price, I would put it on this one. I really like how you put it into a picture. I find it profound. Though mainly, I see how a man/woman grows when it is rooted in perfect love. It brings such a beautiful fruit. And it blesses many others, not just himself/herself.

    Thank you for inviting me to your blog,

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