Review: Teen Funk Blues Band Foxy Apollo Unleashes Their New EP, “Tangie”


Tangie is a nickname for “Tangerine Dreams” – a track on the EP. This collection of songs depicts a rollercoaster of different musical emotions and inspirations and was designed to feel like a layer-revealing tour of how Foxy Apollo feels and embraces the expression of music.  (Sam Ashkenazy)

Foxy Apollo
(L-R: Sam Ashkenazy, Satchel Schwartz & Zach Schmidt) Photo courtesy of @FoxyApollo

The gentleman of Foxy Apollo, Sam Ashkenazy (vocals, guitar, bass) and Satchel Schwartz (drums), have an announcement:

Foxy Apollo is dropping a new EP, “Tangie.” (!)

“Tangie” is a collection of songs written, produced and recorded entirely by Ashkenazy and Schwartz.

When I sat down with Sam and Satchel a few months ago, I was struck by how attentive, inquisitive and thoughtful they are. It’s part of what makes their music so good.

In our interview, they talked about self-analysis and how it’s a key part of their creative and emotional processes, and it’s apparent in their lyrics.


“Tangie” is wrought with self-reflection and shared thoughts about life’s trials and tribulations.

Wanna get a taste of “Tangie”?
Click play on the Soundcloud player above and
check out my song notes below!



The gents of Foxy Apollo seamlessly weave their crafts together in this funkified tune that has elements reminiscent of one of my favorite albums as a child, The Beatles’ “Abbey Road.” The tune kicks off with a guitar solo and begins and ends with perfectly intriguing lyrics: She won’t mind / So blunt and receptive, respectively.



We hear more of Ashkenazy’s vocal range as he sings in a lower register versus his usual falsetto vocals. This song exemplifies Foxy Apollo’s use of sharps and flats that hit at all the right times. Their watery wavy vocal filter used midway through the song reminds me of The Breeders “Mad Lucas” (on their album –and my first CD– “Last Splash.”)  I get the 90’s nostalgic feels.
I hear a twinge of The Beatles again but the sound is more akin to “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band“-ish.


Tangerine Dreams

(FKA “Donkey Kong”) With a more gritty and bare-boned sound than their other songs, this ditty has a live feel to it. I imagine Foxy Apollo playing in a cozy basement coffee shop that serves the best lattes, and has fluffy oversized sofas and a crackling fireplace. I dig the playful organ, layered harmonic vocals, and Ashkenazy’s crooner “Aaaah’s” that close out the song.



This one showcases Ashkenazy’s vocal dynamism as he swings effortlessly between low and high notes. Lyrics that struck me:
Open your eyes and to your own surprise / Oh, the world keeps on changing while you’re frozen like ice / Baby, tell me something good, like I thought you never would / I think it’s time that we slap ourselves in line.

Overall, “Tangie” is comprised of words and sounds created by people who pay close attention to their inner and outer worlds, and what a mad world it is that teenagers live in.

Music is critically important in a lot of teenager’s lives.

It certainly was (and is!) in mine. [Alert: Stepping up onto my Teenagers-Are-Awesome-Yet-Underrated soapbox.]

With what teenagers are up against today, supporting bands like Foxy Apollo and youth arts programs like Arts Corps and Youth Speaks as well as encouraging creative expression are significant and relevant.

For some teenagers, playing and/or listening to music is the only way they cope with life’s stressors.

Whether or not you play an instrument, music is a form of expression and a mode of connecting with others that transcends words. Practicing creativity and innovation, and using our imaginations – humanity needs these things…

…and Foxy Apollo’s “Tangie” delivers. Per their FB band bio, Listening to Foxy Apollo’s music gives you a taste of the many emotions and stories that have come through the group, and is intended to give you the opportunity to go out and create yourself. 

Foxy Apollo’s spirit and music capture the essence of what music can provide for individuals and society. Their music is fun, contemplative, honest, observant, vulnerable.

Teenagers like Sam and Satchel are ferociously creative humans with a fervor and hopefulness that we, adults, too often forget.

It’s time for us to listen up! Teenagers have some wisdom to impart.

Thank you, Foxy Apollo, for being teen music leaders in our community, and congratulations on releasing a new EP, “Tangie”!

You can also listen to “Tangie” on Spotify and coming soon on Apple Music.

Follow the band on Instagram and Facebook @FoxyApollo.

*The original post listed “Tangie” as a full-length album. That was an error. It’s an EP!

Creatively coping since 1993.

Creative coping for mind wellness

I’ve realized that I absolutely need to be creating if I want to maintain my sanity. I’m sure you know what I mean.

As a teen, I wrote to deal with my moods. I didn’t know I was dealing with depression and anxiety at the time but I had a natural inclination to spill ink on pages. Poems, journal entries, short stories, random lines of stories never fleshed out.

My ‘creative coping’ practice moved on to music –playing guitar, singing, covering songs, writing songs– then photography, digital art…

I think humans need to create to survive.

For some of us, survival means surviving mental illness. Not a fun or easy thing to do.

What do you do when depression haunts you? What helps you when anxiety rears its ugly head?

Senescence: A sci-fi about teen depression

21041127_525814914426494_8362697742203486208_n(1)One of my current projects, a sci-fi mental health story, Senescence, is a passion project that incorporates multi-media.

It started out as snapshots of the story. Now, I post longer story segments with original music.

Chapter 2: Shatl Sphere is up!


Synopsis: Senescence Space is a 16-year-old hum-bot (half-human, half-robot) and it’s 2117 in Seattle, WA (now called Shatl*Sphere).

Their human mom (Hugh ) and robot dad (Data) are splitting up, and Senescence is going to live in a new sphere with their mom and brother (Gravatar.)

They’re moving from Belle*Sphere, where most humans live, to a robot city called Shatl*Sphere.

Senescence is nervous about moving to a new city and leaving their partner-friend Styron, a human living with depression (The Dark Cloud).

Senescence and Styron decide to stay together but their feelings start to get muddled when Senescence meets a mysterious transgender robot named Stymphalian.

Buckle Up with Seattle’s Alt-Rock Band, Gypsy Temple, at The Funhouse Tonight!

I think you can’t have a conversation about powerful artistry without including one about mental health. For me and Gypsy Temple, music is an outlet for our physical, spiritual, and most critically, mental health.  — Cameron Lavi-Jones

Cameron Lavi-Jones
Gypsy Temple Frontman, Cameron Lavi-Jones. (Photo courtesy of Gypsy Temple website.)

Gypsy Temple
is the second

fantastical teen Seattle band

I’ll be hanging out with for my

Teen Music & Mind Wellness

project, &

they have a show TONIGHT!*
Wed., Feb. 7

Tix avail @ the door still! $12

@ The Funhouse
109 Eastlake Ave.

Gimme Directions!


Frontman, Cameron Lavi-Jones, reached out to me to participate in this project with an enthusiasm that inspired me.

I texted Cameron yesterday to ask if he could send me a quick line or two about mental health for this announcement.

Within minutes, he busted out a thoughtful, badass response that made my heart jiggle.

I’ll tease you with an excerpt.

You’re going to have to come back to read it all when I post our upcoming interview.  😉

“Our songs are based on negative emotions and experiences, but through the process of songwriting, performing, producing, and playing the music, those negative emotions become the guide for positivity. Those negative emotions become something we are proud of and something that makes us unique as artists.”


I have no doubt that this show is going to be fun as heck!

Come say hi, if ya like.

I don’t bite.      usually.

Psssst!  I’ll be streaming a bit of the show live on my Instagram @lady_archiva.



*The forthcoming post of my interview with Cameron Lavi-Jones will include more details about the other bands. This show is part of the Love vs. Logic West Coast Tour with AMOR.