To smile at people. awkwardly

It took me 8-or-so years to finish undergrad. I was in-and-out of university numerous times. Over that period, I experienced multiple: bouts of depression —if it ever really let up— a few suicide attempts counselors (one of whom fell asleep as I was talking) Um.  #YESway doctors, shrinks, medication (I couldn’t tell you what all of them […]

Social Media Maven (in-the-making)

NOTE: I have changed course a bit since I wrote this. However, Depression + Social Media are still relevant. okcontinueon Oh, this poor blog. How I have neglected you so! When you check your #WordPress site stats, do you ever see images run through your head, of people all over the world who’ve read your […]

Happy new year, 2015.

Well, 2015. This is it. It’s been a year, hasn’t it? I’m not gonna lie. You’ve been difficult. A real bitch at times. Cancelled wedding. Death of a friend. Moving away from Meowster Thumbs McGee. Endings of relationships in so many ways… and tumbled and tangled betwixt all of that, depression and anxiety visited. They’re good at that – visiting. Those loyal old friends.