Brain chemicals bounce around.

Every now and then, I go thru a —what I call— creative blitz. I think it’s part of what we call “mental illness,” depression, anxiety. Creating is survival when my brain chemicals bounce around, as they do on-the-reg. Creating is survival for me and many others. For some, incessant creativity is how we got through […]

To smile at people. awkwardly

It took me 8-or-so years to finish undergrad. I was in-and-out of university numerous times. Over that period, I experienced multiple: bouts of depression —if it ever really let up— a few suicide attempts counselors (one of whom fell asleep as I was talking) Um.  #YESway doctors, shrinks, medication (I couldn’t tell you what all of them […]

Buckle Up with Seattle’s Alt-Rock Band, Gypsy Temple, at The Funhouse Tonight!

I think you can’t have a conversation about powerful artistry without including one about mental health. For me and Gypsy Temple, music is an outlet for our physical, spiritual, and most critically, mental health.  — Cameron Lavi-Jones Gypsy Temple is the second fantastical teen Seattle band I’ll be hanging out with for my Teen Music […]