Brain chemicals bounce around.

Every now and then, I go thru a —what I call— creative blitz. I think it’s part of what we call “mental illness,” depression, anxiety. Creating is survival when my brain chemicals bounce around, as they do on-the-reg. Creating is survival for me and many others. For some, incessant creativity is how we got through […]

To smile at people. awkwardly

It took me 8-or-so years to finish undergrad. I was in-and-out of university numerous times. Over that period, I experienced multiple: bouts of depression —if it ever really let up— a few suicide attempts counselors (one of whom fell asleep as I was talking) Um.  #YESway doctors, shrinks, medication (I couldn’t tell you what all of them […]

Buckle Up with Seattle’s Alt-Rock Band, Gypsy Temple, at The Funhouse Tonight!

I think you can’t have a conversation about powerful artistry without including one about mental health. For me and Gypsy Temple, music is an outlet for our physical, spiritual, and most critically, mental health.  — Cameron Lavi-Jones Gypsy Temple is the second fantastical teen Seattle band I’ll be hanging out with for my Teen Music […]

Full Interview with Foxy Apollo

Full(ish) Interview* O: I love the fact that you’ve kind of taken the ‘Fine, Fuck It’-DIY-we’ll-just-do-what-we-can-ourselves approach. It seems like that’s been going pretty well. SA: Yeah. It definitely has. SS: We’ve definitely been growing in the past couple months, for sure. O: Been listening to the EP you guys put out, earlier this year, […]

Interview: The Frontmen of Teen Funk Blues Band —Foxy Apollo— Talk Music, Mental Health & Ageism in the Seattle Music Scene

Foxy Apollo is a teen band. This is an important detail because teenagers are, so often, written off as overly emotional or are told things like, “you’ll understand when you’re an adult.” Fuck that, I say. You don’t need to be an adult to make great music that moves people.  – Odawni A couple of months […]

Colorful cognitive dioramas.

Looking for a job while experiencing depression illuminates how thick a slice of self-confidence gets hacked off. Just like that. I’m not talking about the run-of-the-mill insecurity, the “normal” kind that reminds us we’re human. The kind that well-meaning friends, family, lovers point to in an effort to bring you some calm, to help you feel not so alone because, “Everyone feels insecure at some point. You’re not the only one who feels this way.” But you feel so desperately alone.