Well, hello there.

Thanks for visiting my site. It’s in mid-metamorphosis as I transition to a new phase of life (more on that later). I’ve been carving out a notch in cyberspace with this blog since 2008.

It began as a “sandbox” to post #allofthethings –bespoke poetry, blog entries, photos and songs. After a few years, I decided to focus its content predominantly on depression, including my experience with it.

As someone who’s lived with depression and anxiety for over twenty years, I’m about to type a really bizarre sentence: I accomplished my goal of earning a masters degree in Psychology. !

That is a huge feat – period. With depression, taking a shower can be a tremendous task so just the filling-out-of a graduate school application is amaze-balls.

(As you can see, I’ve become quite skilled at tooting my own horn.)

When I started graduate school in the fall of 2013, I was dead-set on becoming a therapist. Instead, I’ve come back to my first love – writing.* It’s what’s helped me through many-a-year of struggling to stay afloat.

21041127_525814914426494_8362697742203486208_n(1)Now that I have time to dedicate to a more steady writing schedule, I decided to give this site a facelift and administer a little literary CPR.

I’ll maintain the same spirit of the site as when I first began, and continue to use this as a space to share my creative endeavors, meandering thoughts, journal entries…whatever floats to the top.

We corner ourselves into thinking that what we create must be “good enough” or “finished.” To me, it’s more about the process of creating and what it does for us than it is about feeling the need to impress or meet others’ (imaginary) expectations of us.

It’s about being OK with whatever it is you decide to share and about making a commitment to be kind to yourself as you create. Otherwise, what’s the point?

To me, creating is self-care. If we negatively judge ourselves as we create, we miss the point.

And so, friends. Here I go, onto chapter 2 of K I M E M E E R A.

Thank you for sharing your time, minds and hearts with me.


*One of my writing+social media projects is a sci-fi story about teen depression called Senescence. Fun fact: I’m creating it with my beautiful and brilliant niece, Rhiannon – my muse. I have lots of fun ideas for this project. Details to follow.


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