Creatively coping since 1993.

Creative coping for mind wellness

I’ve realized that I absolutely need to be creating if I want to maintain my sanity. I’m sure you know what I mean.

As a teen, I wrote to deal with my moods. I didn’t know I was dealing with depression and anxiety at the time but I had a natural inclination to spill ink on pages. Poems, journal entries, short stories, random lines of stories never fleshed out.

My ‘creative coping’ practice moved on to music –playing guitar, singing, covering songs, writing songs– then photography, digital art…

I think humans need to create to survive.

For some of us, survival means surviving mental illness. Not a fun or easy thing to do.

What do you do when depression haunts you? What helps you when anxiety rears its ugly head?

Senescence: A sci-fi about teen depression

21041127_525814914426494_8362697742203486208_n(1)One of my current projects, a sci-fi mental health story, Senescence, is a passion project that incorporates multi-media.

It started out as snapshots of the story. Now, I post longer story segments with original music.

Chapter 2: Shatl Sphere is up!


Synopsis: Senescence Space is a 16-year-old hum-bot (half-human, half-robot) and it’s 2117 in Seattle, WA (now called Shatl*Sphere).

Their human mom (Hugh ) and robot dad (Data) are splitting up, and Senescence is going to live in a new sphere with their mom and brother (Gravatar.)

They’re moving from Belle*Sphere, where most humans live, to a robot city called Shatl*Sphere.

Senescence is nervous about moving to a new city and leaving their partner-friend Styron, a human living with depression (The Dark Cloud).

Senescence and Styron decide to stay together but their feelings start to get muddled when Senescence meets a mysterious transgender robot named Stymphalian.

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