Unexpected ex-boyfriends.

I’ve started writing poems on coasters when I’m out. Not every time I’m out. Just sometimes. The way it works is, I ask a friend to give me a random word and go from there. I free write poetry. Write whatever comes to mind. I usually use both sides of the coaster with bad handwriting and edits I can sometimes barely make out. This one’s the latest. It’s from last night.
The word: applesauce.

“I didn’t know I liked it until the other day. I was looking for something sweet.”
“You can make it from scratch, you know.”

I imagine it in a lunchbox.
A single-sized plastic cup with foil you peel away.
It reminds me of unexpected ex-boyfriends.
of surprise Play-Doh colors.
of Crayola colors not yet imagined.

I want to get paid to name them – Crayola colors.
I want to mash them between my toes – apples.
In to applesauce.

Written Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 @ Smith.
(Thank you, Tim, for the random inspiration via text.)

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