I’ll be the one with the purple scarf and widest smile.


(For Mr. C)




The waiting before a first in-person experience with a mostly stranger.
Did I put a voice I wanted to hear
to the text on the screen?
The waiting…
It’s not the same waiting
like waiting for the bus.
Waiting for your laptop to boot up.
Waking before your early-set alarm, half-awake; half asleep;
waiting for it to go off.
Waiting for the end of the week to begin.
Hurry, hurry up.
The waiting.  This waiting.
It’s a shiver down the spine.
A lucid dream not yet realized.
The first look, the first time eyes meet.
There’s only a first.
There’s only that first moment.
As every moment is a first.
But the ‘first’ I’m referring to
is a bit more shaky, squiggly, amorphous, foggy.
These waiting moments –
acute, dense, concentrated.
Waiting for an optical illusion to appear
and make sense of itself.


Written Sunday, December 4th, 2012 @ Joe Bar.


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