The shape of words (Desert love poem)

The shape of words
Along the Silk Road
Xingiang Province, China


The shape of words (Desert love poem)

I found you
folded in the armpit of a megadune
you were crying
and the winds of the Taklamakan Desert
whipped up sand –
it clung to your face.

I had been stepping through sand
on all fours
in search of a lake.
After two days,
I was trying not to believe
it to be fabled.

I had been left by my Bactrian mate,
not long ago,
for a Uighur man with dusty black hair
and green eyes of jade.

To bide time,
I had been pushing a poem,
endlessly trying to find words that hung together
but nonsensical strings of adjectives
tumbled out in the heat.

I tried to find verse
in the sun and the sand,
I looked for inspiration
in the stars and the wind,
in my breath;
in my fantastic illusory oasis,

no words came ::

but more sand, and more sun,
more wind and more stars, and my breath,
and more sand,
and more sand,

and then you.


Addendum: This poem has been published on the New Zealand-based poetry blog, Tuesday Poem.


  1. How delightful it was to find your beautiful words out here in the world. A New Zealand poet introduced us to you via someone else this morning … and here I am, a New Zealander sitting in Belgium, finding your poem exquisite 🙂

    1. Hi Di – thank you so much for your kind comment. I am honored that you and others enjoy my poem. The blogosphere is such a great way to share the inspirational and creative wealth. Belgium must be rife with poetic inspiration! Take care, O

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