Tending to the tweaks.

Tending to the tweaks.
Sound engineer during the YPPAH set @ The Showbox.
(Full set: Surrealized, Anomie Belle, YPPAH & Bonobo.)
Seattle, WA

In what little light you have to see:
the nobs and dials,
buttons, blinky
lights, and things –

Keep the movement moving.
Keep the flowing flow
with subtle moves.

The obvious extrinsic,
the outlines,
ingredients and recipes,
the scripts and survey boxes,
cruise ship package deals,
crimescene chalk,
and poker chips…

are subterfuge,
red herrings;
are sparkly, glittery, shiny things –

are distractions from subtle truths
that can only be detected,
met and modified
when you’re tending to the tweaks.

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